Paper Topics

So, what are you thinking of for your Of Mice and Men paper topic?  Respond with a full idea (not just a one word concept!).  I can’t wait to read your ideas, and I’m really excited about tomorrow!

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I'll just say it right off the bat: I LOVE GRAMMAR! All of language study fascinates me, and I am so lucky to be able to share that passion with the great minds of the future. Reading, hiking, baking, adventures, my pets, and my family are the things in life I cannot survive without. When I grow up, I would either like to be too many things to mention here!

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  1. For the Of Mice and Men topic i think im going to make my topic curleys wife. I want to do her becaue i think theres a lot to be said about her.

  2. Desiree Torres

    My paper topic is the difference between the Slim in the play and the Slim in the book.

  3. My topic is lennie because he is a funny character

  4. Gabrielle Aversa

    I was thinking of using Candy for my “Of Mice & Men” topic. I don’t think I fully realized how involved he was in the story until I saw the play, I definitely think he would make an interesting topic.

  5. I’m going to do my paper topic on the difference of the portraile of foreshadowing from the book to the play

  6. My paper topic Might be on the difference between Crooks. (play vs.text)

  7. Meaghan Francis

    I was thi k that I would do my paper topic on Lennie.

  8. Meaghan Francis

    I am going to change my topic to curlys wife because I didn’t k ow how involved she was until I saw the play.

  9. The topic I would like to do is on Curley’s wife and show the description of the book and the play. and how she acts beween the play and the text.

  10. Melina Andreson

    I am going to do my paper on fore shadowing. I was thinking about using some examples from the book about foreshadowing, and comparing the same examples from the play as how they were different and how well they were shown in the play compared to the book

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