Monthly Archives: January 2013

Figurative Writing Practice

Please complete the Simile/Metaphor Activity sheet for tomorrow.  Remember, these should be tailored to your short story.  Not all of them will find a home there, but the exercise should help you develop some figurative language for the “showing” part of your story.  If you need another copy of the handout, you can find it in the “Writing” section of Dropbox.

Original Short Story

Rough drafts should be submitted into CBAS by Friday, Feb. 1.

Final hard copy drafts are due by Wednesday, Feb. 6.

They are looking really good so far!  Keep up the good work!

Quiz on Friday!

Be sure to review the following notes for your quiz on Friday:

Parts of Speech
Form Class vs. Structure Class
Subject/Predicate (NP+VP=Sentence)
Phrases and Clauses (Frays and Claws)

Per. Two Homework

Please complete any of the Skills Book classwork that you did not finish in class today:

Subject/Predicate (pgs. 65-68)
Nouns (pgs. 133-134)
Verbs (pgs. 163-164)

Per. 5, 6, & 7 Homework

Please complete the “Paint Those Pictures” handout for tomorrow.  If you need another copy, you can find the digital file in the Writing section of Dropbox.

Period One Homework

Please complete Skills Book pg. 174 (Prepositions) for tomorrow