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OMAM Extra Credit Opportunity

If you find yourself with a few spare moments over break, consider taking advantage of this creative writing extra credit opportunity for Of Mice and Men!  I really love these postcards, and it’s another chance to show me your creative side!


OMAM postcard project

OMAM Film Constructed Response

You have taken notes during the film version of Of Mice and Men, and now it’s time to turn those observations into analysis!  Here is a copy of the Constructed Response for the film/text comparison due after break.


OMAM Character Identification Sheet

The Character Identification Sheet for Of Mice and Men is due for tomorrow.

OMAM character id sheet (side one) (1)

OMAM character id sheet (side two) (1)

OMAM Constructed Response Ch. 5

Please complete the Constructed Response for Chapter 5 in Of Mice and Men for Friday.  This one will ask you to consider the characters’ attitudes toward what is right and wrong as it relates to the death of Curley’s Wife.


OMAM Socratic Seminar Ch. 5

Please complete the Socratic Seminar packet for Chapter 5 in Of Mice and Men for tomorrow.

OMAM seminar Ch. 5

OMAM Constructed Response Ch. 4

Please remember that your constructed response for Chapter 4 in Of Mice and Men is due next Tuesday.  This one is about loneliness, but you need to consider the author’s purpose in including this theme.  Remember, no opinions — assume the sale!

OMAM_Constructed_Response_Ch._4 (1)