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“Landlady” Resolutions due Friday!

Please remember that your “Landlady” resolutions and/or crime scene reports are due this Friday, but we do not have class together that day.  You should upload your work to

If you missed any of the notes today on punctuating dialogue (which you will need for writing fiction), I have attached the completed notes sheet to this post.

punctuating dialogue (completed)

“Landlady” Resolutions

Good start on your “Landlady” resolutions today!  you can plan on more time in class tomorrow.  I will open the assignment on, and it will remain open until Friday night at midnight.  Please double check that you can login to turnitin before Friday!

We set the due date as Thursday because I will not see you academically on Friday because you earned a TEAM DAY!  GO TEAM BLACK!  But, you have until Friday to submit.

Foul Play in Bath

There’s something terribly strange about the Landlady who runs the Bed and Breakfast in Bath.  Those pets, the lack of guests, and we just know there’s something about that tea.  My students investigate the foul play that takes place just shortly after Billy Weaver’s arrival.  What will they come up with as a resolution to Roald Dahl’s “The Landlady?”  We’ll have to wait and see!

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CSI: “The Landlady” Investigation

For tomorrow, please complete your textual investigation along with your physical observations of the crime scene from the Landlady’s Bed and Breakfast.  Remember, you will need to find textual evidence (a direct quote) for each one of your crime scene investigation notes.

Also, by tomorrow, you should have chosen the perspective from which you will write the resolution to the story.  Will you be a fiction writer, a newspaper reporter, a police officer filing a report, or a criminal psychologist?

I can’t wait to find out what happens!

CSI. TheLandlady

CSI: “The Landlady”

You did some excellent investigating today at the Bed and Breakfast in Bath!  Remember, for every piece of physical evidence you observed and logged today at the three exhibits, you will need to find the textual evidence to support it.  Ultimately, you will need to use this evidence to feed into the resolution you will write for Roald Dahl’s “The Landlady.”

The assignment sheet and evidence collection chart is attached in case you need another copy.

CSI. TheLandlady

Jeopardy Boards for Quiz Review

Please remember that you have your narrative/literary terms quiz tomorrow.  In order to continue your review from class today, please complete each of these Jeopardy Review Boards.

HINT, HINT:  These boards were developed in conjunction with the quiz!