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TKAM Argument Paper Due Dates

All of the graphic organizers (the 5 page packet) must be completed by this Friday, May 16th. This constitutes the rough draft of your paper.

The final paper must be typed and uploaded to by next Thursday, May 22nd.

I can’t wait to be convinced!

To Kill a Mockingbird Text to Film Constructed Response

This constructed response piece is due on Tuesday, May 6th. Remember to be sure you have consulted the RECESS rubric to be sure you have completed all of the requirements of a full response.  I have posted the rubric below for your reference.

To Kill a Mockingbird Text to Film Constructed Response

Choose one of the following constructed response questions to answer. Circle your choice.   Answer on a separate piece of paper using the RECESS constructed response format.

1. The director of To Kill a Mockingbird deliberately chose to film the movie in black and white. Some of his reasons for this decision were:

  • to give the effect of Scout’s memory of the past,
  • to focus on and enhance the racial issues from the text,
  • to escape from realism and heighten dramatic qualities.

Which of these do you think is the most effective feature of the film? What effect does the black and white cinematography have on the viewer’s understanding of the issues in the text? Would it gain or lose impact if it were filmed in color? Be specific in your response.


2. Many of the scenes that we discussed in detail from the text were not featured in the film. Choose two of these scenes to discuss. How does the omission of these scenes affect the narrative from the text? Which telling of the story is more effective? Why does the filmmaker make these decisions? Do you agree with these choices?


3. The characterization of Atticus Finch differs from the text to the film. In what ways is Atticus’ character portrayed differently in the film? Is Gregory Peck believable as Atticus Finch? Consider the omission of various secondary characters from the film in your response. How does the omission of these characters change the characterization of Atticus?





RECESS Rubric for your reference


RECESS-Constructed Response Rubric

Self Score

Peer Score

Possible Points


Did you….




R- Re-state the question as a CLAIM…?




E- Elaborate and answer the question that was asked? Did you stay on topic?




C-Cite evidence to support your claim? Does the evidence actually support your central idea? Is it relevant? Do you have between 2 and 4 pieces of salient textual evidence to support your claim?




E-Explain your evidence and HOW it relates to the question? Is this clear and easy to understand with transitions and correct grammar?




S-Sum it up with a statement that refers back to the central idea?




S-Spell properly and use correct grammar? Did you edit your piece to avoid grammatical errors?