Monthly Archives: September 2014

“The Tell-Tale Heart”

For tomorrow, complete the reading of the story, annotate each of the items in the margins, and complete the activities on pages 65-67.

Elevator Pitch #4

You have Elevator Pitch #4 due for tomorrow. ┬áThis one is based on “Discovery.”

This may be about discovering a new territory, understanding something new, making a discovery about yourself or the world around you.

Remember, elevator pitches should tell an entire story, just quickly.

Literary Terms Quiz

Remember, you have a quiz on the lit terms we’ve covered so far this year (page 1 & 2) of your notes. These are the basic terms for the elements of storytelling.

Good luck!

lit terms 01 (completed)

lit terms 02 (completed)

EMPOWER Field Trip

Please don’t forget that the paperwork for the EMPOWER field trip is due on Monday!

It’s going to be a great outing, and we really want you to be there!

“Orpheus” Story Map

For tomorrow, you should have completed the comprehension questions and short story map for “Orpheus and the Underworld.”

We are headed to the Media Center tomorrow, but I will collect it there.

I’m also looking forward to your elevator pitches tomorrow!

Elevator Pitch #2

1. Your second Elevator Pitch story is due on Friday.  This one is a story of fear.

2. Please also complete the reading of “Orpheus and the Underworld” and complete the margins for tomorrow.