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Body Paragraph #2

The second body paragraph for your Of Mice and Men argument paper should be completed by tomorrow.  This is the fourth organizer in your gold packet.  A sample paragraph is attached for your reference.

OMAM body paragraph sample (1)


Body Paragraphic Organizer #1

You should complete the body paragraphic organizer #1 (page 3 in your packet) for the Mercy vs. Murder paper by tomorrow. Remember to use the outline organizer (page 1 in your packet) that you completed first in order to build your topic sentences (out of your reasons) and your evidence (out of your quotations).

My sample body paragraph is attached for your reference. Remember that you do not need to include the numbers before your sentences. Those are just for your reference.

OMAM body paragraph sample (1)

Introduction Graphic Organizer

You should complete the graphic organizer for the introduction paragraph for your Mercy vs. Murder paper for tomorrow.  I’m attaching my sample for your reference.

OMAM intro paragraph completed 02

Write Source Grammar Work

This week you will need to complete the Write Source pages on Subject/Predicate and Phrase/Clause by Friday.  If you follow the schedule below, it should be no problem to finish up the work on time!  Remember to use your notes!

Monday night: pages 65-68

Tuesday night: pages 69-72

Wednesday night: pages 73-76

OMAM Paper Organizers

Today you received the attached packet of graphic organizers for your Of Mice and Men Argument Paper on Mercy vs. Murder.  Please remember that just the front page of the “Organizing Your Paper” is due for tomorrow.

OMAM argument organizers blanks (3)

Argument Writing Terms (Notes)

Attached you will find the notes we took today on the common language we will use moving forward through our Argument Writing Unit.

argument terms presentation