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OMAM Constructed Response – Chapter One

Your constructed response for Chapter One in Of Mice and Men is due for Tuesday.

Remember, you will get homework credit for each of the five constructed responses you complete as we finish the chapters. However, you will only choose one to be graded as a small writing assignment.


OMAM Chapter Two Socratic Seminar

Please complete reading Chapter Two in Of Mice and Men for Monday. You also need to complete the Socratic Seminar packet for Chapter Two for Monday’s seminar.


OMAM seminar Ch 2

OMAM Character Identification Sheet

Please begin work on the Character Identification Sheet for Of Mice and Men.  So, far we have met George and Lennie. They will be joined by many other characters in our reading tomorrow.

OMAM character id sheet (side one) (1)

OMAM character id sheet (side two) (1)

OMAM Ch. 2 Vocabulary

Please complete the vocabulary list for Chapter Two in Of Mice and Men. This is the second list in your vocab packet.  Please add to the list the word “other,” as we will begin our discussion tomorrow with the concept of “othering.”


Movie Day!

Hello Parents/Guardians of Team Black Students,


We are happy to inform you that Team Black students won the Fundraising Wars this month. To that end, they have earned a movie as a reward. We would like to have a movie and popcorn experience this Wednesday before the holiday weekend to celebrate this success. Team Black has chosen a number of different film options, and students will be able to decide which one they would like to view as we will show a different film in each of our rooms. We wanted to let you know that some of the choices have a PG-13 rating. If you would prefer your student to view a PG-rated film instead, please email Amy Benton at before Wednesday morning, and we will be sure to schedule appropriately. Thanks so much for your continued support, and we wish you a family-filled holiday!



Team Black Teachers


OMAM Socratic Seminar Chapter One

Please finish reading Chapter One in Of Mice and Men for tomorrow. You also need to complete the Socratic Seminar packet for Chapter One and be prepared to share your thoughts with your peers tomorrow in class.

OMAM seminar Ch. 1