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OMAM / “To a Mouse” Constructed Response

Based on our discussions of the text and your interpretation of the poem, write a constructed response on the question provided. Do not forget to use evidence from the texts (at least two quotations from each text).

The title of Of Mice and Men is taken from a poem by Robert Burns. “To a Mouse” describes how a mouse’s home is destroyed by a farmer’s plow even though the mouse thinks he has discovered an invulnerable site. Steinbeck alludes to a significant line in the poem for his title: “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” That is, even the best plans can fail.


In what way(s) does Steinbeck’s story mirror Burns’ poem?

A rough draft of this response is due on Monday.

T-chart for OMAM Argument

We are beginning our argument paper for OF Mice and Men.  Ultimately, you will be responsible for responding to the following:

George’s last act of the text is highly controversial.  Develop a claim arguing whether George’s actions represent an act of mercy or an act of murder.

Your first step in the process is to collect evidence from the text to support each side of the argument.  For tomorrow, you will need to complete the t-chart for Mercy vs. Murder.

OMAM Paperwork

Please remember, tomorrow I will be collecting the following:

OMAM and Vocabulary Packet (if I do not already have it)

OMAM Character Identification Sheets (fully completed!)

All 5 of the Socratic Seminar Packets for OMAM

Happy End of the Quarter!

OMAM Chapter Five

Please complete reading Chapter Five in Of Mice and Men for tomorrow.  The Socratic Seminar packet is due at that time as well, and you will have your final reading comprehension quiz for the text also.

OMAM Chapter 4

Please finish reading Chapter 4 in Of Mice and Men and complete the seminar questions for tomorrow:


Chapter Four Seminar Questions
1.  How does Steinbeck describe Crooks, and what does this tell us about his personality?

2.  How does Crooks assert power over Lennie? How does Lennie regain power over the situation? (two quotations are needed for this one)

3. What is the  effect of having a companion on “the weak ones” left behind.

4. Describe Crooks’ character arc in this chapter in relation to the dream farm.

5. To which character does Steinbeck assign the most power in this scene?

Even More Notes