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OMAM Socratic Seminar Ch. 5

Please complete reading Chapter Five (Curley’s wife’s chapter) in Of Mice and Men for Friday. Also, please complete the Socratic Seminar questions for Chapter Five as we will have seminar on Friday as well.

OMAM seminar Ch. 5


OMAM Constructed Response Ch. 4

Please complete the Constructed Response on the theme of loneliness for Chapter Four in Of Mice and Men for Friday.

OMAM_Constructed_Response_Ch._4 (1)

Constructed Response Revision

You did some good work today on the peer review of your partner’s Constructed Response for Chapter Three in Of Mice and Men.  Tonight you will need to review your editor’s notes, and revise your own piece as a final draft for tomorrow.


OMAM Socratic Seminar Ch. 4

Please complete the Socratic Seminar for Chapter Four (Crooks’ chapter) in Of Mice and Men for tomorrow.

OMAM seminar Ch 4

OMAM Ch. 3 Constructed Response

Please complete the constructed response for Chapter Three in Of Mice and Men for Monday.  You will be    engaging in peer review of your work, so make it good!


RECESS_Rubric_for_Constructed_Response (1)

OMAM Ch. 3 Socratic Seminar

We will have another Reader’s Theater experience with Chapter 3 of Of Mice and Men in class on Monday. To that end, please complete reading the chapter for Tuesday as well as completing the Socratic Seminar questions.

OMAM seminar Ch. 3