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Mockingbird Quiz – Extra Review Materials

Attached please find “Nicole’s Favorite Quotations” from Chapters 22-31 in To Kill a Mockingbird.  These have been designed to help you prepare for the quiz on Monday.

Nicole’s favorite quotes

Final Mockingbird Quiz

You will have your final quiz on To Kill a Mockingbird on Monday, June 1st. It will cover Chapters 22-31. You will not have a constructed response on this one due to an overwhelming improvement on the last quiz! Well done!  Attached you will find the study guide for review. We will also be posting “Nicole’s Favorite Quotations” soon to be used as an additional resource!

TKAM 22.31 Quiz Study Guide

End-of-Year Extra Credit

Don’t forget the End-of-Year Reflection Assignment for which you may earn extra credit points. It is a look back on your years at AMSB in either an essay (about one page double spaced) or a poem (at least 25 lines). If you would like your piece to be considered for reading at graduation, please indicate that at the top of your piece. If you would not like to be considered for reading at graduation, please let me know that as well.

Due: Thursday, June 4, 2015


Mockingbird Paper Assignment

What is the most significant aspect of To Kill a Mockingbird?

You will answer this question in a three or four paragraph argumentative essay that will be pre-written (all organizers completed) by Friday of this week. On Friday, you will have two class periods to complete the assignment and upload it to You are expected to use all of the organizers (blanks are attached to this message), your book, and any rough draft materials that you have prepared.


Mockingbird Reading Schedule

You are responsible for the following reading schedule for this week and next:

Due Wednesday: Chapters 22 & 23

Due Thursday: Chapter 24

Due Friday: Chapters 25 & 26

Over the weekend: Chapters 27 & 28

By Wednesday (5/27): Complete the text

Mockingbird Quiz on Chs. 9-21

You will have a quiz on Chapters 9-11 in To Kill a Mockingbird next Wednesday, May 20th.  We will review in class on Monday. Attached, you will find the study guide for the quiz. Please remember, you will be allowed to write 2-3 quotations on a
3 x 5 index card and bring it to the quiz in order to help you develop your constructed response on the quiz. The choices of questions are at the bottom of the study guide, so NO EXCUSES for anything less than a 10 out of 10 on this one!

TKAM 9.21 Quiz Study Guide