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OMAM Argument Paper – Conclusions

Your conclusion paragraphic organizer for the Of Mice and Men Mercy vs. Murder Argument Paper is due on Monday. We will have time on Monday and Tuesday to type the rough draft which I would like completed by Tuesday night.

From what I’ve seen so far, these papers are looking really good!

OMAM argument organizers – conclusion

Body Paragraph #2 – OMAM Argument Paper

You should have two full body paragraphic organizers completed fully by the time we’re back from the blizzard!

Stay safe and have fun!

OMAM argument organizers body

Body Paragraph #1 Organizer

The circled sections (1, 2, 3, 5, and 6) of your body paragraphic organizer must be completed for class on Friday.

OMAM argument organizers body

Body Paragraph Notes and Model

Here are the notes from today’s presentation on Writing the Body Paragraphs for your Literary Argument paper.

argument body presentation

Here is my model body paragraph for your reference. The numbers before each sentence represent the number on your graphic organizer.

OMAM body paragraph sample (1)

Root Cellar Project

Your Root Cellar projects are due this Friday. Remember, you may choose your mode of delivery for your presentation (PowerPoint, poster, scrapbook, etc.). Each slide must contain all of the following elements:

the root and its definition

two words with definitions from our sprouts

two additional words that contain the root (from a source other than our classroom sprouts) with definitions

at least one graphic that depicts the meaning of the root

one sentence that contains at least two words that contain the root

Notes for Literary Argument – Introduction

Here are the notes from today on Writing Literary Arguments – Introduction Paragraph. I hope you find them useful. Remember, the intro organizer is due on Tuesday (both sides completed).

argument outline.intro presentation