Monthly Archives: December 2013

Of Mice and Men Chapter One

Finish reading Chapter One of Of Mice and Men for tomorrow.  We will have a reading comprehension quiz at the start of class.

You also need to complete your Socratic Seminar prep packet for our discussion of Chapter One tomorrow.


Practice with Adverbs, Prepositions, Coordinating Conjunctions, and Interjections

For tomorrow, please complete the following pages in your Skills Book:

pages 171-176 (Adverbs, Prepositions, Conjunctions)

pages 181-182 (Interjections)

You will not have homework on Thursday night.  I can’t wait for the Winter Concert!

Practice with Subjects/Predicates

Please complete the following pages in your Skills Book for tomorrow:

pages 65-68 (Subjects and Predicates)

pages 74-76 (Sentence Fragments)