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TKAM Final Paper

You are so close!  Please remember that the rough draft of the TKAM paper is due on Wednesday, June 5th.  You will be submitting this electronically to

You will have two evenings to make the grammatical/mechanical changes suggested by the program, and then the final draft must be submitted on Friday, June 7th.

TKAM this week

We’re almost finished with To Kill a Mockingbird!  Please complete the text by this Thursday (Chs. 27-31).  There is a final Study Guide Packet to be completed as well.  We will watch the film on Thursday and Friday and have a final quiz on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

TKAM this week

For Tuesday, you need to complete the close reading graphic organizer that we started with Ms. Kazdan in class today.

On Friday, we will have a quiz encompassing Chapters 9-21.  You will receive a study guide for the quiz on Tuesday.

For Monday, you need to have read Chapters 22-26 and completed the study guide packet  which you will receive on Tuesday as well.

TKAM this week

We will be performing the trial scenes (Chs. 17-21) from TKAM as Reader’s Theater in class this week, so you are not responsible for reading those chapters in the text and there is not study guide questions for them.  However, you are still responsible for collecting quotations.  To that end, you must have collected and analyzed 10 more quotations by Friday.