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Where Does the Comma Go?

Tomorrow is your quiz, so I encourage you to review, review, review those notes!

Also, if you would like to complete the “Where Does the Comma Go?” review for a few of the rules, follow this link:



Comma Packet due tomorrow

We have finished up our notes on the comma rules, and tonight you need to finish the second comma packet beginning with “Commas in Introductory Clauses and Phrases” for tomorrow.

We will review all of the rules one more time in class tomorrow, and your quiz will be on Friday.

OMAM paper due date

I hope you found the peer evaluation activity useful today.

Please remember that the final, typed draft of your Of Mice and Men paper is due on tomorrow night!

I can’t wait to read the literary analysis masterpieces!

OMAM paper concluding statements

Please complete your concluding statement (#10) for your Of Mice and Men paper for tomorrow.

We will have a typing day tomorrow and a peer evaluation day on Wednesday.

OMAM argument organizers – conclusion

OMAM Paper Formatting Resources

Here are the links to the two green sheets you have received in class.  The first one will help you with the MLA formatting rules, including the proper way to punctuate your in-text citations. The second one will guide you through the first and last page formatting that we covered in class today.

MLA technical stuff


OMAM Paper Conclusion Paragraph

Please remember that your conclusion paragraph organizer (the last page of your purple packet) is due tomorrow. This means that if we have snow tomorrow, it must be completed for Friday! We will have a typing day on Friday as well.

OMAM argument organizers – conclusion