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Transitional Language and Make-up Work

I had a lot of fun watching you guys play with Legos today!  I hope the concept of using clear transitional language in your writing was also clear by the end of our activity.  Periods 5 and 7 need to complete the “Transitional Language” worksheet (in the Writing folder of Dropbox) by tomorrow.  Periods 1, 2, and 6 will need to complete it by Wednesday.

Also, everyone needs to be sure that they have submitted the following assignments for the second quarter:

“Tell-Tale Heart” margins, activities on pgs. 182-183, and the story map (Lit folder of Dropbox)
Details Bank and Body Paragraphic Organizer (Writing folder of Dropbox)

Story Lab

The link for the Elements of Storytelling Story Lab is

The link for the Heider-Simmel Demonstration is

OMAM Paper Update

Please remember that you need to upload a completed rough draft of your analytical essay to by Monday.   You may then incorporate the suggestions from CBAS into your final draft, a hard copy of which needs to be submitted by Thursday.  If you missed the Course Codes for CBAS in class today, they are as follows:

Per. 2:  3845277
Per. 5:  4020756
Per. 6:  1623055
Per. 7:  4750532

The assignment in the drop down menu is “OMAM Analytical Paper.”