Monthly Archives: April 2013

TKAM this week

Please complete the open ended questions in response to “The Untold Story of Emmett Till” for tomorrow.

By Friday, please complete Chapters 12-16 in TKAM along with the study guide packet.  I will also be checking for your first 10 quotations for your Quotation Collection which is the foundation for your analytical essay.

TKAM Chapter 11

Please complete Chapter 11 in TKAM as well as the Study Guide Packet for Chapters 6-11 by tomorrow.

TKAM Chapters 9 & 10

Please read through Chapter 10 in TKAM by Thursday.  If you’re looking ahead, you will also need to complete Chapter 11 by Friday which will take us to the end of Part One of the text.

Upcoming TKAM Quiz

By Monday, you should have read through Chapter 8 in TKAM and completed the study guide questions.  Also, we’ll be having a quiz on Chapters 1-8 on Wednesday.  You may find the quiz guide and the study guide questions in the TKAM folder on Dropbox.