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Mockingbird Paper Body Paragraph

For Monday, you will need to complete the first body paragraph organizer. This is the third page of your purple packet.  You may use the following model as a reference.

body paragraph sample

Thesis Paragraph (Mockingbird Paper)

The thesis paragraph of your purple packet for the To Kill a Mockingbird paper is due for tomorrow. Remember the gold sheet that you received today may be used as a model for the different sections of this paragraph.

TKAM thesis paragraph organizer (completed)

Mockingbird Paper Organizers

Great work today starting your Mockingbird Literary Analysis papers!  Here is an extra copy of the purple packet if you need one at home.  Also remember that the first page needs to be finished up by tomorrow. this is the outline for your body paragraphs.

TKAM paper organizers 2017

Mockingbird Quiz (Chs. 22-31)

Your last Mockingbird quiz will be this Thursday. It will cover Chapters 22-31. Attached you will find the study guide.  Good luck!

TKAM 22.31 Quiz Study Guide

Mockingbird Quotation Collection

Please remember that your Quotation Collections for Mockingbird are due tomorrow. You need at least a total of 25 quotations with citations and explanations.

quotation collection