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Grammar Quiz Next Tuesday!

You are having a grammar quiz next Tuesday, covering all of the Parts of Speech, the Form and Structure Classes, Phrases and Clauses, Dependent and Independent Clauses, etc. I am attaching the study guide that you received in class today in case you missed any of our discussion. Please ask questions as we go through the rest of this week, and we will have an in-class review on Monday.

Good luck!

Grammar Quiz Study Guide

Write Source pages on Types of Sentences

Please complete the pages on Types of Sentences in your Write Source books (pgs. 113-116) for tomorrow.

Write Source pages on Pronouns

Please complete the pages on Pronouns in your Write Source books (pgs. 141-152) by Thursday. The majority of this work should have been completed in class today.

Notes on Pronouns

I am attaching the notes we took on Pronouns in case you missed any of the information from our discussion on Friday and today.



Phrases and Clauses part 2

Please complete the second half of the Phrases and Clauses section in your Write Source book (pgs. 73-76) for Tuesday.

Write Source pages on Phrases and Clauses

Please complete pages 69-72 on Phrases and Clauses in your Write Source books for tomorrow.