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Short Story/Narrative Unit Test

Please remember that the Unit Test for the end of the Narrative Unit will be on Wednesday of next week.  It will be the first grade on the second quarter.  Attached you will find the study guide that I gave you today in class.  You will still have a chance to ask questions on Tuesday of next week.

Good luck!


“Pandora’s Box”

Please remember that you need to read “Pandora’s Box” independently this week and complete the margins.  This is due on Thursday! If you need another copy of the packet, they are on the rolling cart under the Smartboard in my room.

CSI: The Landlady Investigations

You did an excellent job investigating the crime scene at the Bed and Breakfast in Bath! Now it’s time to tell us whodunnit and what happened.  We will have two computer lab days to help you finish the resolution to the story, and your final drafts are due on Friday in hard copy format.

CSI. TheLandlady

“The Landlady” Margins and Questions

Great reactions to the story today! I hope you enjoyed some time with the landlady.

For tomorrow, please complete the margins that we started in class today and the comprehension questions on the back page.  You do not have to complete the chart on the front side of the back page.

Get ready for some crime scene investigation tomorrow!

“Root Cellar” Poem Homework

Great sentences today!  Now let’s see how well you can connect our word study practice with the Root Cellar to Theodore Roethke’s poem “The Root Cellar!”  Please complete the questions on the back side of the poem sheet for tomorrow.  I’m attaching the file to this post in case you need another copy.

root cellar poem assignment

Root Cellar Sentences

Please write 5 sentences using words from the root “mal.”

Please write 5 sentences using words from the root “bene.”

Refer to your Root Cellar notes from today and last week to help you choose your words.

Please remember that I need to be able to tell from the sentence that you understand the meaning of the word you’ve chosen.  I’m looking for complex and compound sentences as well!

Happy writing!