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OMAM Chapter Two

Chapter Two of Of Mice and Men should be completed by Thursday along with the study guide questions and vocabulary.  Continue to work on the OMAM Character Identification Sheet.

Wanted: A Friend

Write a quick classified advertisement for a friend.  What are the most important qualities you look for in a friend?  Consider including specifics about the job description, talents/qualities, requirements, benefits, and/or challenges.


For tomorrow, please compose a paragraph in which you address the following questions:

Define “other”.

How do you consider the concept of “others”?

Who are the “others” in our society?

Be ready to discuss your response together tomorrow.  See you then!

iPad Pilot

I’ll miss seeing you guys today, but I am so excited that you’re getting your iPads!  I’ve got a few things planned for using them this week, so be sure to send me that email at, and put your period number in the subject line, so that I may invite you to Dropbox.  This way we can share files digitally on the iPads.  Have a great time, and I will see you on Wednesday.

Book Spine Poetry

So far, I am loving the book spine poems you’ve created. We will have time in the Media Center on Tuesday to photograph your poems.  Then the final product, with your analysis paragraph, will be due on Friday of this week.  If you need to double check the assignment sheet, you can find it in our period folder in Dropbox.  I’m looking forward to another great week with you!

Book Spine Poetry

Just a Sample