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TKAM Chapter One

I hope you enjoyed beginning To Kill a Mockingbird today!  Please complete Chapter One for tomorrow, including your Vocabulary Collection, 3 allusions, ad 1 considered comment on author’s purpose for the chapter.

TKAM Vocabulary Study Sheet

“Most Dangerous Game” Cool Visual

Please complete your “Cool Visual” project in response to “Most Dangerous Game” by this Friday. Remember, you will need to present your artistic representation and explain how your piece contributes to the bigger picture discussion of this text.


Write Source – Pronouns

Please complete the Pronoun pages in your Write Source book for Wednesday.  You started working on these pages last week during class (pgs. 141-152).

OMAM Argument Paper deadline moved back!

Well, who would have thought we’d have a four-day weekend?!  Since we still need to cover a bit of editing, let’s make the deadline for the OMAM Argument Paper Wednesday at midnight.

Enjoy the snow!

OMAM Argument paper due on Monday

Okay, so we have planned the whole paper out together, and we’ve had two days of typing time.  Tomorrow we will review comma placement for various sentence structures, and you’ll be ready for a final edit.  Papers should be uploaded to by midnight on Monday night.

I can’t wait to see who wins the argument!

MLA Formatting Guidelines

Attached please find the MLA formatting guidelines sheet for your reference. You will need to make sure that each of these guidelines is followed before submitting your Of Mice and Men argument paper to

MLA technical stuff