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Jeopardy Boards

Please use the following links to play the Jeopardy and Double Jeopardy boards as a review for tomorrow’s Unit Test on Short Stories.

Good luck!

“The Lottery”

Please complete reading and annotating “The Lottery” before the Unit Test on Thursday.  Remember, you will be able to use this text during the test.

Good story, right?


Short Story Unit Test (Lit Terms Review)

Below you will find the completed notes sheets for pages 1 – 6 of the Literary Terms that we have covered in this unit.  You can print these out and make them into flash cards as a study aide.

Good luck!

lit terms 01 (completed)

lit terms 02 (completed)

lit terms 03 (completed)

lit terms 04 (completed)

lit terms 05 (completed)

lit terms 06 (completed)

Short Story Unit Test

On Thursday, you will have your short story unit test.  You should be prepared to identify and apply the items on the study guide attached below.  Don’t forget to review your lit terms and each of the stories we have read together.

Good luck!

Short Story Test study guide

“Landlady” Resolution Uploads

Please upload your “Landlady” resolution to by tomorrow evening. Tonight you should be putting on the final touches and editing for sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation.

Remember, to login to, you need to use your amity schools email address as your username and your regular password plus A5 at the end of it.  Check it tonight, and if you have any questions, be sure to ask them tomorrow before the deadline!

“The Landlady” Resolution

Continue working on the rough draft of your resolution for “The Landlady.”  We will have only one typing day, tomorrow. The final draft should be uploaded to by Tuesday night.

I can’t wait to find out Whodunnit!

CSI. TheLandlady