Daily Archives: October 1, 2012

Developing your Original Thesis

Today we began brainstorming possible paper topics that will compare and contrast the text of Of Mice and Men with the play we’re looking forward to seeing this Thursday.  If you need another copy of the worksheet, it can be found in the OMAM folder of Dropbox.  Some of the possible topic categories include THEME, CHARACTER, SETTING, LANGUAGE, and MOTIF/SYMBOL.

OMAM Chapter Four

You should have read through Chapter Four by today and completed your vocab (that finishes up vocab for the remainder of the text) and study guide questions.  We’re going to focus specifically on the shifts in the power dynamic in this chapter as well as revisit our definitions of the “others” of society.

OMAM Chapter Three

You guys did an awesome job performing in dialect and discussing Chapter Three.  We will finish up analyzing the fight scene on Monday before moving into our discussion of Chapter Four (The “Crooks” Chapter).