Monthly Archives: November 2013

Practice with Adjectives

By Wednesday, you need to complete the following pages in your Skills Book:

pages 165-169 (Adjectives practice)

pages 23-26 (Quotation Marks vs. Italics)

p.s. I wanted to see better proofreading of this skill in your constructed responses!

Practice with Nouns

Please complete pages 133-138 in your Skills Book for tomorrow.

Remember that you are also working on your constructed response pieces about “The Lottery” and The Village tomorrow during class. These are due on by Sunday evening.

Final Draft of Narrative Piece

I hope you had a productive period of peer review today.  Tomorrow we will review punctuating dialogue, and you will have time for one more read-through of your narrative piece.  

Remember that the final draft is due on Wednesday to

Original Narrative Piece – Rough Draft

Please remember that the rough draft of your original narrative piece (short story) is due on by Wednesday.  I’m really looking forward to reading them!

Constructed Response Assignment

By tomorrow, the following items are due:

The Village film map and questions

The Village / “The Lottery” Symbolism Roundtable Discussion Sheet

The Village / “The Lottery” Constructed Response Paragraph


Film Map and Questions

Since we completed the film The Village today, the film map and questions should be completed for Monday’s discussion.  We will be meeting in the Media Center again to discuss the similarities between the film and some of the stories we have read this quarter.  I hope you enjoyed it!