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OMAM Unit Test

We will have our Unit Test for Of Mice and Men on Wednesday, January 25, 2017.  There will be a full class review the day before.

OMAM Unit Test Study Guide


Narrative Story Edits

Please complete your edits on the Original Narrative story by Friday of this week on a Google doc, and share it with me.

Remember you need to have the Google doc open and with all of the edit notes visible simultaneously.

OMAM Socratic Seminar Ch. 5

Please complete the Socratic Seminar packet for Ch. 5 in Of Mice and Men for Monday.

OMAM seminar Ch. 5

Phrase and Clause packet

Please complete the packet of activities for Phrase and Clause for tomorrow.  Remember, when it directs you to choose P (phrase) or C (clause), be sure to identify if the example is a NP (noun phrase), VP (verb phrase), or PP (prepositional phrase).

Constructed Response Ch. 3 OMAM

Please complete the constructed response for Chapter 3 in Of Mice and Men for Friday. We did not get to this one before the break,so I wanted to give you until the end of the week to work on it.


Socratic Seminar for Ch. 4 in OMAM

Great job with Readers’ Theater today!

Please complete the Socratic Seminar for Chapter 4 in Of Mice and Men for Thursday.

Remember, you do not need to complete Membean this week!

OMAM seminar Ch 4