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OMAM Socratic Seminar Chapter 2

I am attaching the Socratic Seminar Packet for Chapter 2 of Of Mice and Men in case you missed it in class today or need a second copy.  We will read Chapter 2 together today and tomorrow, and the packet will be due Monday when we return. This will be our first official seminar.

I’ve really been enjoying hearing your voices bring these characters to life!

OMAM seminar Ch 2

OMAM Character Identification Sheet

We are going to meet many characters in Chapter 2 of Of Mice and Men.  I’m attaching a digital copy of the OMAM character id sheet (side one) (1) for your reference.  This sheet will be an on-going assignment and will take through Chapter 5 to complete fully, but it will help you keep the characters organized.

OMAM character id sheet (side one) (1)

OMAM character id sheet (side two) (1)