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Amity Professional Development

Below you will find the slides that accompany today’s presentation.  The links can be found on the last slide as well:

Linguistic Grammar Intro Video:




Pronoun/Antecedent Video:


Function Junction Game Show:


Twine Game Maker / Storytelling:


Easy to follow Twine Tutorial:



Benton PD Handout


“The Lottery” Notes

This was the combined list of your notes on significant names, symbols, and allusions in “The Lottery.”  I thought it would be helpful during your preparations for Friday’s test!

Significant Names in “The Lottery”:

Dickie Delacroix = of the cross
Old Man Warner = warning
Mr. Summers = new beginnings?
Mr. and Mrs. Graves = death
Mr. and Mrs. Adams = Adam and Eve? the first man?

Symbols in “The Lottery”:

the black box
the three-legged stool
the black dot on the paper
the pile of stones
the stones
the lottery

Allusions in “The Lottery”:

Delacroix = allusion to the Christian tradition, sacrifice
The practice of stoning people in the Bible
Casting lots