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Pers. 5 & 7 “TTH” Mood Packet

Please complete the Mood Packet for the “Tell-Tall Heart” that we began in class on Friday.

TTH_Mood GO (1)


Periods 5 & 7 “Tell-Tale Heart”

Please complete your reading of Edgar Allan Poe’s “Tell-Tale Heart” for class tomorrow. Be ready to dig into the text and come up with textual examples of literary devices like foreshadowing, point of view, and mood.

Tell Tale Heart text

Literary Terms Notes (completed)

If you missed any of the notes from today, I have attached the literary terms we covered yesterday and today at the bottom of this post for your reference.

lit terms 04 2015 (completed)

Original Fairy Tale Antagonist

For tomorrow, please prepare a 5-7 sentence sketch of an original fairy tale antagonist. You design the bad guy, decide which protagonist┬áhe/she/it is in conflict with, and consider the setting in which they will “battle.” You may want to consider turning an existing fairy tale on its head and making the prince, princess, or hero into the antagonist. Be ready to share tomorrow!

“Orpheus and the Underworld”

Please complete the “Orpheus and the Underworld” packet:

  1. complete reading
  2. complete the notes in the margins
  3. answer the questions on the back page

For Periods 5 and 7:
Please complete the story map for the “Orpheus Goes to the Underworld” section of the packet.

Since we have the STAR Reading Assessment during English class tomorrow, I will collect this work next Tuesday.

Orpheus Text PDF

short story map


Literary Terms (Short Story Structure)

If you missed any of the literary terms on the notes we took today, I am attaching a completed copy here for your reference.

I’m looking forward to starting our first story together tomorrow!

lit terms 01 (completed)

lit terms 02 (completed)