Monthly Archives: February 2015

Types of Sentences Notes

I am attaching the notes from today on Types of Sentences in case you missed any of the material we covered in class.

types of sentences (completed)


Write Source homework on Subject/Predicate

Please complete pages 65-68 in your Write Source books. This will help you review the rules on Subject/Predicate.

Phrase and Clause Notes

I am attaching the notes we took today on Phrase (Frays) and Clause (Claws) in case you missed any of the material today.

phrase and clause notes

Write Source Adverbs pages

Please complete pages 173-175 on Adverbs in the Write Source book for tomorrow.

Notes on Sentence Lingo

Attached you will find the notes from today’s discussion on Sentence Lingo.

Can you tell me the difference between the direct object and the indirect object?

sentence lingo presentation

Write Source Adjective pages

Please complete pages 167-172 on Adjectives in the Write Source book.