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Final TKAM Quiz on Friday

To Kill a Mockingbird
Chapter 22 – 31 Quiz
Study Guide

Know Your Characters:
Tom Robinson                                 Helen Robinson
Link Deas                                        Miss Gates
Mrs. Grace Merriweather                 Miss Stephanie Crawford
Arthur (Boo) Radley                        Calpurnia
Heck Tate                                        Miss Maudie Atkinson
Mr. Underwood                                Cecil Jacobs
Dill Harris                                        Aunt Alexandra
Bob Ewell

Don’t forget the characters from the first quiz as well!

Be able to describe these characters and discuss significant actions of each.

Be prepared to discuss the following significant events presented in the novel:

The Aftermath of Tom’s Trial
The Mrunas and the Missionary Society
Current Events in the Third Grade
Tom Robinson’s Death / Helen Robinson’s Reaction
Halloween and the Pageant
Bob Ewell’s threat and Attack Under the Old Oak Tree
The Boo Radley Encounter

Be prepared to write short answer responses on significant quotes from the text:

The life lessons Jem and Scout continue to learn.

The hypocrisy found in Maycomb society with regard to race.

The significance of the novel’s title and the symbolism found therein.

The use of foreshadowing in the text.

Review each of the study guides you’ve completed as well!