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Defining Your Terms Sheet

In preparation for your To Kill a Mockingbird Argument Paper answering the question What is this text about?, you will first need to complete the “Defining Your Terms” worksheet.  If you need another copy, I have posted the sheet for your reference below. This process is designed to help you decide how to best answer the question.  Remember that “epigraphs” are just famous quotations that help guide your paper.  You can fins these at sites like brainyquote.com or quotegarden.com.

This sheet is due tomorrow.


Defining Your Terms (page 1)


Defining Your Terms (page 2)


Study Guide for Mockingbird Quiz on Wednesday

To Kill a Mockingbird
Chapter 9- 21 Quiz on Wednesday, April 23rd
Study Guide

Know Your Characters:
Tom Robinson                                 Mayella Ewell
Mr. Gilmer                                       Dolphus Raymond
Aunt Alexandra                               Tim Johnson
Uncle Jack Finch                             Cousin Francis
Heck Tate                                        Zeebo
Mrs. Dubose                                    Reverend Sykes
Bob Ewell                                         Judge Taylor
Don’t forget the characters from the first quiz as well!

Be able to describe these characters and discuss significant actions of each.

Be prepared to discuss the following significant events presented in the novel:

Christmas at Finch’s Landing
The Mad Dog Incident
Mrs. Dubose’s Illness
First Purchase African M.E. Church
The Trial of Tom Robinson
Mob Mentality

Be prepared to write short answer responses on significant quotes from the text:

The life lessons Jem and Scout continue to learn.

The importance of family and reputation.

The importance placed on social class and race in the south during the 1930s.

Review each of the Socratic Seminar worksheets and Quotation Collections you’ve completed as well!