TKAM Quiz on Thursday – Chapters 1-8

To Kill a Mockingbird
Chapter 1- 8 Quiz
Study Guide 

Know Your Characters:
Atticus Finch                                   Calpurnia
Jean Louis Finch (Scout)                Bob Ewell
Jeremy (Jem) Finch                        Nathan Radley
Charles Baker Harris (Dill)             Walter Cunningham
Arthur Radley (Boo)                        Miss Maudie Atkinson

Be able to describe these characters and discuss significant actions of each.

Be prepared to discuss the following significant events presented in the novel:
The First Day of School
The “Boo Radley” game
The Snowman
The Fire
The Knothole of the Tree
The Gunshot in the Garden

Be prepared to discuss the significance of the following literary devices:

Symbols: guns, fences, gifts, fire, trees

Foreshadowing: shadows, ghosts (haints), being trapped

Themes: racial discrimination, gender roles, superstition, tolerance

Be prepared to write short answer responses and/or a constructed response on significant quotes from the text:

The philosophies of Atticus, Calpurnia, and Miss Maudie on understanding other people.

The life lessons Jem and Scout begin to learn.

The importance placed on social class and race in the south during the 1930s.

Review each of the Socratic Seminars you’ve completed as well!



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