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Writer’s Notebook

By Friday, you should have added three entries to your Writer’s Notebook.  At least one of the entries should reflect on your experience on the field trip on Tuesday.  One other entry should focus on a specific moment of time and reflect the image of that moment.  In other words, you are practicing the skill of writing using imagery to help your reader sense the experience rather than being told about it.  If you did not attend the field trip, your entries may be lf your own choosing but should reflect the imagery piece.

5 Things We Need to Know

On Wednesday of next week, you will need to present the 5 things that you think we need to know about your vocabulary word from “The Landlady.”  You might consider the following:

part of speech
prefix, suffix, or root word
pronunciation of the word
use in a sentence
where did the word come from (i.e. what other language)
references to the word in other stories, movies, games, or commercials
acting it out
drawing a picture

Field Trip Reminder

Hi Guys,


Don’t forget that our field trip to EMPOWER is next Tuesday, right after our Columbus Day holiday.  Remember to pack your backpack with a lunch, a snack, a water bottle, and extra clothes depending on the weather.  It promises to be an exciting day!

CSI: “The Landlady

Please remember that your resolution to “The Landlady” is due in class on Friday!

Literary Terms Quiz Study Guide

You have a quiz on all four pages of literary terms on Thursday!  To that end, for homework tonight, you need to make a study guide.  This may be in the form of flash cards, an online resources like StudyStack or Quizlet, or another form that works best for you.  The quiz will include a matching section, an identification section, and an explanation section.

Updates for This Week

1. Don’t forget that sign-ups for the field trip to EMPOWER are due! We have an extension until Friday.

2.  We will have a quiz on your Literary Terms on Thursday.

3.  You need to compete three more Writer’s Notebook entries by Friday.