“Masque of the Red Death”

By Friday, you will need to submit all of the following:

1. “Masque of the Red Death” annotated text
2. Story Map for “Masque”
3. Figurative Language for “Masque” (3 examples of imagery, 1 symbol, 1 additional example of figurative language). You need to identify the quotations from the text and provide an explanation of the significance pf the example.
4. The Imagery side of the “Scream” handout

5. An original mask (created by you) that represents either significant elements of the story or what you would wear if you were a guest at Prince Prospero’s masquerade.


About benton19

I'll just say it right off the bat: I LOVE GRAMMAR! All of language study fascinates me, and I am so lucky to be able to share that passion with the great minds of the future. Reading, hiking, baking, adventures, my pets, and my family are the things in life I cannot survive without. When I grow up, I would either like to be too many things to mention here!

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