5 Things We Need to Know

On Wednesday of next week, you will need to present the 5 things that you think we need to know about your vocabulary word from “The Landlady.”  You might consider the following:

part of speech
prefix, suffix, or root word
pronunciation of the word
use in a sentence
where did the word come from (i.e. what other language)
references to the word in other stories, movies, games, or commercials
acting it out
drawing a picture

About benton19

I'll just say it right off the bat: I LOVE GRAMMAR! All of language study fascinates me, and I am so lucky to be able to share that passion with the great minds of the future. Reading, hiking, baking, adventures, my pets, and my family are the things in life I cannot survive without. When I grow up, I would either like to be too many things to mention here!

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