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Summer Reading and The Outsiders

We need all of the Summer Reading Logs by Wednesday.  I let you know today in class, so you know who you are!

Also, we will be discussing The Outsiders on Thursday and Friday.  So, you will need your book and the graphic organizer assignment from the summer reading on Thursday.  No need to worry if you already turned in the assignment.


Literary Analysis Paragraph

I should have the hard copy of your Book Spine Poem by the end of today.  The Literary Analysis of your poem is due tomorrow.  This should be one solid paragraph in length and include discussion on the theme of your poem, the structure of your poem, and the literary value of your poem (i.e. imagery, symbols, allusions to other works of art, etc.)  Remember, this piece is a “getting-to-know-your-writing” piece and may need a revision before assessment.  In other words:  Do your best, but don’t worry!

If you are in my Period Seven class, this message will be relevant to you for Thursday night homework.

Book Spine Poetry

I was really impressed with your work on the Book Spine Poetry assignment today.  The images and themes running through your poems are insightful and though-provoking!  If you have not yet completed your poem, you should do so tonight.  This way we can use tomorrow in the Media Center to finalize, pull books from the stacks, take our photos, and finalize your piece on the computers.  Great work so far!

Great Week!

I have has such a great time this week getting to know all of you!  I just know it’s going to be a great year!

By Monday, if you have not already done so, you will need to turn in your “Me Web” and the “Our Classroom Rules” sheets.  These were your first two assignments for credit, so get them in for a great start!

Enjoy your weekend!