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Noun Phrases and Verb Phrases (Per. 5, 6, 7)

Using a passage from a text that you are reading, choose a paragraph with at least seven sentences.  Divide each sentence into its noun phrase (subject) and verb phrase (predicate). You may either make a copy of the passage, use an online source or hand copy the paragraph, but you will need a hard copy for tomorrow.

If you’d like to use a paragraph from the latest fiction I’ve been reading, here’s a bit from Andrew Fukuda’s The Hunt:

That is just one of the rules.  There are many others, all of them indoctrinated into me by my father from the time I was born.  Never smile or laugh or giggle, never cry or get teary-eyed.  At all times, carry a bland, stoic expression. The only emotions that ever crack the surface of people’s faces are cravings.Never forget to apply butter liberally all over your body when venturing out in the daytime.  Because in a world like this, it is a tough task explaining a sunburn, or even a suntan.  My father reminded me of the rules every day.  Because you must always remember that your looks are a curse, not a blessing.

Period One – Nouns

Please complete pages 133 & 134 in the Write Source Skills Book.  You’ll be focusing on concrete, abstract, and collective nouns.